Why X Theme

X Theme is a WordPress Theme developed by Theme.co.  It is one of the top selling themes today!  Themes are what help make your site look cool and unique on WordPress!  X Theme is basically a company comprised of about 50 employees who dedicate themselves to making it easy for you to use WordPress and make websites.  They do this by developing great HTML and PHP codes that work with WordPress’ software.  For instance, X Theme has created code that allows you to scroll over a picture on your website that creates a magical appearing effect.  This is commonly known as a “parallax effect”, and other themes use it as well.  Don’t let that fool you though.  They all function a bit different.  Some work better than others and some don’t work at all.  X Theme has more experienced developers and engineers, so much of their theme supersedes the norm (as it shows in sales).  Their “Parallax Scroll Effect” is very smooth on Google Chrome and Firefox.  In fact, scrolling anywhere on an X Theme Website is very pleasant and smooth.   This is just one example of how themes are different from one another.  It matters which one you choose!  There are usually hundreds of small features within a theme that the theme company creates themselves (not WordPress).

X Themes offers an insane level of forum support.  If you tell them your issue or ask a question (that pertains to X Theme), they will message you back in the forum within 24 hours.  They always respond and they always go above and beyond.  Sometimes they even help with issues that have nothing at all to do with WordPress.  The more detailed you make your message to them (screenshot examples, your domain name, theme version, WP version, etc), the more they will respond with the correct answer and what you want to hear.  Trust me, we tested them personally on all levels.  They drop the Ego and help you even if your being a pain and make no sense.

One of the best parts of X Theme is what they created in 2015.  It’s a live drag and drop visual page builder called Cornerstone.  Until then, WordPress had never seen anything like it.  Before Cornerstone came out, to build a WordPress page (in any theme), you had to use a lot of code and go back and forth between a live version of your site and the coded version.  Meaning, you couldn’t see the changes you were making until you saved your page and opened it in another window.  Not only is Cornerstone a LIVE previewer while page building, IT DOESN’T USE CODE!  You can drag and drop all of your content and see what it is!  They give you what are called, “ELEMENTS” to drag and drop…such as images, text, lines, sections, columns, headers, etc, etc.  No other theme has a better page builder!  For more information about X Theme and us, click HERE to see our services and how we make it easier for you!