THE fastest and cheapest way to set up a website the RIGHT WAY!    Watch Video! 

We offer THREE main services that will SUBSTANTIALLY help you succeed with building a website and applying SEO.  Please review our site!  Thanks!

One HUGE Website

Buy Huge Site $375

WE upload our HUGE pre-built website to a cloud server for you! Simply add your pics, text, and customizations to one of our 75 template pages.  We save you hours of frustration and thousands of dollars with our automated process! See how it works!

THE SEO Tutorial

THE SEO Tutorial $25

THE BEST SEO Tutorial Ever Made!

We hate sales! We TELL you!
We don’t SELL you!

Do It Yourself

DIY Option $175

YOU download our HUGE pre-made website and upload it to any server you want!  The “Do It Yourself Option” is the same as our HUGE site, except YOU are responsible for setting up the site configurations! More Info

THE fastest and cheapest way to set up a website the RIGHT WAY!


THE SEO Tutorial $25

Step by step SEO from start to finish! + Best site advice!

Buy HUGE SITE $375

Begin with our HUGE premade WP Website!


DIY Option $175

Download our HUGE site yourself and upload it anywhere!

View Full Site/Desktop

Stop Paying $300 for SEO!

We empower you to be your own boss!

Video + Text Tutorial.  The SEO marketing standard!  Make sure your site is built with THE SEO Tutorial!

Be your own boss and control your business!

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Video + Text Tutorial

THE SEO Tutorial is a fast paced, NON trivial, step by step masterpiece, that will free you from scams and monthly bills. It comes with steps for best site setup too!

Buy Me!

THE SEO Tutorial $25

Video + Text Tutorial

  • You can do it yourself!
  • We can do it for you!
  • Hire someone to do it for you!

The standard in the SEO marketing industry

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Huge Site Install

Our process forces you to succeed independently, as we have designed a trusted platform that frees consumers from HIGH web developer and web design costs!

Buy Me!

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Video + Text Tutorial

THE SEO Tutorial is a fast paced, NON trivial, step by step masterpiece, that will free you from scams and monthly bills. It comes with steps for best site setup too!

Buy Me!

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Save 200 bucks!

The DIY option is the same site as our HUGE site but YOU are responsible for setting up the configurations! You can refer to THE SEO Tutorial for setup instructions.

Buy Me!

The HUGE site is a professional WordPress website that you can edit YOURSELF!

  • Starting with our HUGE WP site ↓


  • Starting WordPress from scratch ↓


Buy Domains below or from our reseller account Easy HD  We will take 50% of our profits from that site, and donate them to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital on the 1st of every year!  See Video Here!

Buy Domains with us and give back!

Top Level Domains TLD’s
.com | .net | .org | .edu | .world | .ca | .biz

Easy HD SSL’s
Best for legitmate business accepting payments or sensitive information.  Rank better on Google too!

St. Jude Cancer Research

262 Danny Thomas Place
Memphis, TN 38105

How does the HUGE website work?!  Quick WP Setup Video HERE !

  • Accept Payments

    Take credit cards and sell ANYTHING you want!

  • Chat Live

    Talk to customers on your site LIVE with a chat box!

  • Template Ready

    Easily choose pages from our pre-made templates!

  • SEO Optimized

    Start with many SEO steps already done for you!

  • Security

    We set up WordFence security for you + SiteLock if needed!

  • SSL Ready

    We set up a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) for you!

  • Contact Forms

    Start with pre-built contact forms that are already coded!

  • Ecommerce Store

    Start with pre-built storefronts and product pages!

←  Template Pictures  

  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder
  • Placeholder

  • Sell Memberships

    Create paid or free content with recurring subscriptions!

  • Blog Freely

    OWN your blog! Don’t rent it from WIX or Tumblr!

  • Music

    Sell your music or promote your artistry!

  • Forum

    Start a forum, set up polls to vote, and change the world!

  • Reservations

    Log appointments and make reservations for anything!

  • Social FaceBook

    Create a private family FaceBook with Buddy Press!

  • WP Plugins

    Use free plugins (code) that can do almost anything!

  • Photography

    Make amazing HD portfolios with Rev Slider!

  • Ecommerce

    Use WooCommerce and add new features as needed!

  • Search Engine Optimization

    Comes with the best seo tutorial ever made! No more SEO bills!

You Receive Over
pre-built pages!
We tested over
site variations to find ONE BEST WAY!

Huge Website Upload Price

$ 375

  • Huge Website Install
  • Validated Theme ($64 value)
  • 1 month Cloud Hosting ($10 value)
  • 2 year Domain Name ($20 value)
  • Rev Slider + Templates ($19 value)
  • EasyHdWebsites Templates
  • THE SEO Tutorial Video ($25 value)
  • Essential Grid Plugin ($26 value)
  • The Grid Plugin ($25 value)
  • Uber Menu Plugin ($19 value)
  • SuperFly Menu Plugin ($22 value)
  • ACF Pro Plugin ($25 value)
  • Global/Page CSS code
  • EasyHdWebsites Video Tutorials
  • EasyHdWebsites FULL Member access
  • X Theme Video Tutorials
  • Hosting chat support
  • Domain/Hosting phone support (if with GoDaddy)
  • X Theme forum support
  • Updates/New code/Improvements
  • Email Forwarding
  • WordPress + WP Tutorials
Buy Now!

Don’t have $375?…See our “Do It Yourself Option” for $175 to save money!  We also offer other Web Services for existing WordPress sites or Custom Websites.  For more details, you can visit our All Website Services page.

You can choose your Cloud Host!

 Digital Ocean is STRONGLY recommenced.  It is the cheapest cloud and most reliable!

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Great for Web companies, developers, designers, and freelancers!

With us, everything is set up so anyone with basic computer knowledge can succeed at building a profession platform.  We recommend that local marketing agencies, designers, and developers all use this system to provide the best honest service for their clients.  It’s a great way to keep all parties on the same page and move your business forward with a good reputation!  When you make your clients guess what you are going to do for them, you lose their trust and it slows down business!  Simply use us and visually SHOW your clients what you can do.  We help you every step of the way!

  • Make HUGE commissions with our affiliate program!
  • Use our services for your clients and keep them in the loop!
  • Let clients use the many reliable support avenues (Us, You, WP, Cloudways and Go Daddy)!
  • Use our trusted algorithm instead of just “winging it”, and gain respect!
  • Make you or your company legitimate by using our service for any type of build!
  • Master the DIY Option, save money, and charge your clients more!
  • Sell our SEO Checklist and conquer Google!
  • Grow your business through us and we will make sure you succeed with your clients!

Become a Certified Partner!

The process of becoming a certified partner with Easy HD Websites is like becoming an employee.  It is a little harder and more in depth than applying for the affiliate program.  Although they can be used similarly, becoming certified can make you more legitimate.  This certification is for individuals and businesses who strictly want to adopt our policy into their business model.  After an extensive vetting process and application submission, we would determine if we could use you or your company to outsource certain clients to.  The other benefit of becoming certified is that you can use OUR logos and tell your customers that you are certified to complete THE SEO Checklist and HUGE site setup under the SAME protocols as Easy HD Websites.

The difference between the Affiliate Program and the Certified Program…  Almost anyone can sign up for the affiliate program and adopt our SEO tutorial or HUGE site into their business routine.  We allow you to buy from us, put links on your site, make a commission, and do whatever you want with your clients on your end.  The Certified Program means you are confined to a strict set of rules that you must follow when working with your clients (for certain setup procedures).  You essentially become a franchisee, offer similar services, and grow your business through us.  It is a better option for people looking to receive a steady income and promote themselves through an honest service.  To get accepted, you must write a short business proposal or prove yourself/business in some way.  If you are not proficient with SEO and WordPress, it may be best to start with our affiliate program above!  See more details HERE!

  • Put our blue certified spider on your site and get more clients, plus your commission!
  • Receive clients from us when we can’t take them on!
  • Still earn the same bonuses and commissions from our affiliate program!
  • Get approved by us and become a business that everyone can trust!
  • Don’t have a business? Start one with us!
  • Get your name or company listed as a “Certified Partner” on our site!
  • Still charge whatever you want for certain builds!
  • Build your brand with our name while still being free and creative!
  • Finally take on clients all over the world with a trusted system!
  • We give you all the tools to succeed and provide great support avenues for your clients!
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