Why GoDaddy

GoDaddy.com receives it’s fair share of negative criticism from it’s users.  Complaints from slow hosting speed, to terrible support, and so on and so on seem to be what the general consensus is.  We personally had to find these answers out for ourselves.  They are one of the largest hosting companies in the world, as well as one of the largest domain registrars.  At first, we recognized their sales tactics and up-selling methods while talking to their staff on the phone.  Here’s what you need to know about GoDaddy and the truth behind their service…

We have over 50 phone calls on record with GoDaddys support team and have received over 15 hours of phone support from them (for various different reasons…sometimes just to test them).  80 percent of the time (not 100), you will get someone on the phone that speaks 100 percent English, has great customers service skills, cares about helping you, and will fix your issue.  They hire American staff members “in America” that start out making $15 an hour to help you.  Most of the staff have extensive knowledge of one thing or another relating to websites and the internet.  They answer and tend to a wide range of issues regarding their hosting,  site services, domains, and even issues that have nothing to do with their company.  They do not have a written rule that says they cannot answer your specific question.  Most the time, you will get someone on the phone that puts their own intuition to use.  If you get someone that does not want to go the extra mile, or if you hear “that’s out of the realm of help and support”, then you have found yourself someone who doesn’t care about you.  This company literally prides themselves on their 24/7/365 customer service skills.  They allow their staff to have fun, to be themselves, and to improvise on the phone.  If you are unhappy with your support guy/girl, you can either mention these things to try and provoke a better attitude, or you can simply hang up and call back.  NINETY PERCENT of the time, you will not wait on hold for longer than 20 minutes.  I strongly recommend you let us buy your domains from them.  Even buying just one domain, will grant you access to their great support team.  No other hosting company on the face of this earth, offers a support system like they do.  Stick with the companies that have the money and care to hire a good team.

Follow the information on Easy Hd Websites.com and click on SCAMS to learn what to avoid.  Stay away from shared hosting!  You want use a cloud server company (like Cloudways) that offers VPS clouds.  With GoDaddy or any large hosting company, stick with their dedicated servers.  Anything else, will typically not help your site.  All these extra servers and products that people try to sell you, are all just sales to make more money!  Be weary!  Review our site and learn how we can help you save hours of time and thousands of dollars with our automated process.