The last thing I want to touch upon are SCAMS!…Seo scams…Hosting scams…Developer scams…300 dollar scams…etc.

Scams are everywhere right?  They are extremely prevalent in the Web World.  Mainly because, anyone with a computer 10,000 miles away can say they can help you with your website.  Also because, there are sooo many ways to generate revenue with website knowledge.  There are a million web issues and thousands of companies that say they specify in fixing these issues.  Internet and Web knowledge is quite extensive so there are a lot of markets out there.  As the world develops and grows, this knowledge and information will condense itself into widely known, easy to understand, information…but right now there are still thousands of ways to make a website.  Eventually, there will only be a few RIGHT ways to make a site.  This is how the world works.  Everyone wants to know the best ways of doing things so the ways that are not the best, get eliminated.  Unfortunately, we are not there yet so we have this mess of a disaster where everyone is chasing money and will tell you anything to get it.  In this case, the web world is an easy target for these people.  For example, shooting a basketball is quite simple right?  It didn’t take long for the game to evolve and for people to realize that underhand shooting was not the most efficient way (if underhand shooting ever even existed at all in games).  Anyone that has seen a basketball game before, can NEVER be sold an underhand shooting tutorial.  Well, anyone that has seen a website before, CAN be sold thousands of outdated or careless Web tutorials.  The obvious Web solutions are still hidden behind greed and ignorance (because people are making money)!  Normal people that want to score a website basket, cannot not differentiate which way to effectively shoot the ball (because there is no obvious solution in the Web World).  In turn, people like me, start a righteous business and try to solve the issue directly!  I’m not here to tell you that WordPress is the best way to make a website.  There are a few BETTER ways than WordPress…but the website and service we have set up for you (, is certainly the BEST, CHEAPEST way there is!  There are plenty of ways to build a website but do not get distracted by underhand shooter sales.  You will be swatted!

Now let me tell you what to look out for!  ↓


I will start with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) scams.  Search Engines are unpredictable and are always changing there SEO structure.  Anyone that promises they can get your website on google is absolutely lying.  There are certainly people that are more proficient in designing landing pages and appropriately adding your keywords and headers, but how do you find these people?  How do you weed out the good ones from the bad ones?  You can’t!  Our goal is to eliminate this process for you so you don’t even need anyone to help you set up your SEO.  WordPress works excellent with Search Engines.  There are amazing plugins such as “Yoast SEO” that help you every step of the way.  In turn, we have created THE best SEO tutorial for you (in our member section) so you don’t have to pay 300 dollars a month to an SEO company (which I will address next).  There are never guarantees with getting on Google, Yahoo, or Bing, but we show you exactly how to maximize your chances and what to stay away from.

Good SEO Companies make tons of money.  Their cheapest SEO model (for a basic site) is around 300 dollars A MONTH!  The good part about this (if there is one) is that you only pay $300 per month IF they get you on googles front page within a year or so.  Pretty cool if you don’t care about money right?  Well, unfortunately these companies are charging you monthly for something that they only set up once.  Yes, sometimes they adjust things when needed but they usually create your landing pages (SEO Pages) within a few hours (which you pay upfront for), and then they are DONE!…and now you have to pay them 300 dollars a month to keep their work!  It’s much like a rented page builder site like WIX or Squarespace!  If you stop paying them, you lose everything!  Don’t rent your website or SEO!  OWN IT!  The worst part about these slick SEO companies is that they make you pay all this money to them and they try to withhold the SEO information from you.  It’s sickening!…It’s a scam…You can do it yourself for free and just as good as they can.  They create way too many revenue streams and the more successful your site becomes, the more they tax you for their service.  Some clients end up paying 10,000 dollars a month to keep their SEO going.  The 300 dollar option is the LOW end Search engine optimization!  They should be charging you 10 or 20 dollars a month for a service like that, ESPECIALLY if you have a WordPress site!  WP plugins literally do 80 percent of the work for you!  If you have the money though, and don’t care about being handled, then they do offer quite a nice service, especially if you do NOT have a WP website.  Just make sure you go with a company that only makes you pay $300 if they get you on google within 6 months to a year.  If they don’t get you on the front page, you should be fully reimbursed.

Hosting Scams!

Hosting Scams are pretty easy to spot once you know what to look out for.  Much of this article will talk about legitimate hosting services, that you just don’t need!  First I will start with actual scams.  If it doesn’t look professional, then it probably isn’t!  Anyone can start a hosting company and put servers in their moms house.  If someone is offering you cheap dedicated servers or hosting platforms, then don’t buy them!  Only go with HUGE companies that can afford the upkeep and provide the service that you need.  There is no such thing as a dedicated server for 50 dollars a month.  You want to choose a company that has millions of dollars in the bank.  These are the reputable ones and the ones that put millions of dollars back into their business FOR you.  They hire tech teams, support teams, and offer a 99.9% server up time.  Although your friend may have the best servers in town at his house, not everyone knows your friend or can distinguish if he’s a good dude or not…so even though home servers CAN be OK, it is best to stay away from them if you aren’t familiar with the source.  Also, watch out for reseller programs.  A reseller company will advertise hosting and it will look professional.  They will claim to be their own company but really they are selling for HostGator, Godaddy, etc.  The problem with this, is that they jack up the prices for the same service.  WE put you on our reseller account (which is Godaddy) to SAVE you money in the long run and so we can have more control of your accounts.  I have seen sites and individuals who try to sell 15 dollar shared hosting for 30 dollars.  The worst part is, how they talk about their servers and advertise them.  It’s sick!  You will never beat Godaddy’s pricing, as we cannot even set the prices low enough to beat their storefront prices.  What we can do though, is allow you to save on hosting in the long run.  Godaddy does not allow you to use coupons upon renewal.  They get you to buy in at a really cheap rate with sales and deals but then they charge you retail prices when it’s time to renew.  We have the ability to set the price at a certain rate, and keep it at that rate when you want to renew.  For example, you can start on a shared hosting plan with Godaddy and probably get a deal for the first year and pay about 8 dollars a month.  Once that expires, you will need to renew at about 15 dollars a month.  We keep you at about $12 consistently.  One of the other reasons we set you up on a reseller account (, is so we can have a say in their company and have more control when dealing with issues.  We want to generate enough traffic on our site (which use the same servers and everything as Godaddy) to get some leverage and ultimately make a difference with any problems and issues that may arise.  For example, if we are pulling in a million dollars for Godaddy every year and YOU, the customer, get’s treated poorly or get’s screwed over somehow, then we will be able to stand up for you and be heard on a much larger scale.  YOU, the lone customer, will never be heard with Godaddy or ANY hosting company and it is not worth it to even try to be heard.  Godaddy support (which is included) is usually quite good though, so you shouldn’t have to worry.  Simple things like uploading sites, SSL installs, and Email setup is what we really want to make sure Godaddy provides great service with.  We do everything for you to start but we want them to be on point if you need help.  These are all things that WE can personally relay to them.

As stated on the home page, almost all hosting plans in between $15 and $125 are useless!!!  While you will receive the service itself and it will work, in most cases, the service will do nothing better for your site.  These plans should only be purchased by TRUSTED web developers who specifically know what your site needs.  Do not be sold by a hosting representative that tells you they offer more resources and better speed if you pay more.  If you have a normal site or a big site, there are still only 3 BEST hosting options…Shared hosting, VPS Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting.  You should look at like this…Can’t afford your own server (dedicated server)?  Start on a second or third level shared hosting plan (not the 5 dollar option!).  Then move to a medium sized Cloud server ($30).  Then move to a medium sized dedicated server ($150).  Do not start on a 5 dollar hosting server, and then move up to 10 dollars, and then 20.  This is where they sell you more products and basically lie to you (in some sense).  Hosting companies will often tell you that they offer you more resources if you upgrade to the next level.  Often times, what really happens, is they allow you to store more memory on their server or give you more emails.  They don’t actually hit a magical button that all of a sudden boosts your site with all of this withheld power.  The only way to actually get more visually noticeable power and speed, is to completely change your server.  Cloud servers are actually a little different though.  Cloud servers are scaling servers (elastic servers), that you CAN magically increase (yourself)…but you need to weary of all the “in between” sales with those as well.  Cloud servers will be explained below.  Usually you will only see a performance difference if you skip all of the “in between” hosting products and move straight to the top resource levels.  We eliminate these sales tactics for you so you don’t get sold useless hosting plans.

Cloud servers are also known as Virtual Private Servers (VPS) and the names are often used interchangeably.  Do not be tricked though; There are hosting companies that sell VPS’ that are NOT cloud servers.  Cloud Servers offer much better flexibility for sites that get large amounts of on and off traffic, as you can purchase higher resource levels as you go.  You can even set the server so it automatically adjusts for you depending on your traffic.  Dedicated hosting and shared hosting do NOT have this magical button!  Cloud Servers are the way of the future and are quickly growing because they are very fast and are more reliable for speed.  You can even choose where you would like your server to be around the world so you can reach a certain geographical area.  Most cloud server companies have several server locations to support all areas of the world…(thus leading to faster connections depending where you visit your site from).  They use solid state drives (no moving hard drive parts) and some resource levels are designated just to you so you wont get bogged down by other sites on the server.  This is not the case with regular shared hosting.

The problem with Cloud Servers is that they are very difficult to setup if you don’t know what you’re doing.  The good VPS companies don’t offer control panels yet, so making changes and uploading your site is not as easy.  BUT!…We set you up with a company that creates a control panel for you and has a great VPS structure.  They support the best Cloud server companies like Digital Ocean, Vultr, Amazon Web Services, and Google!

Once you reach 5,000 customers/visitors a day, you will want to move your site to a dedicated server (Not shared hosting, Not cloud servers, Not older VPS’).  These ded servers are specifically built for you and your website.  You don’t share resources such as, memory, ram, cpu, bandwidth, drives, etc, with anyone else.  Your site will be capable of handling millions of visits per month without crashing.

Much of shared hosting, WordPress hosting, and VPS cloud hosting is around 15 dollars a month.  Dedicated servers usually start at around $125 per month.  Do not purchase anything in-between unless directed by us or your own personal developer!  A content delivery network (CDN) could also be configured with your server if you need to support global traffic.  These are storage units placed around the world that store a copy of “Some” of your websites content for faster loading times in a specified area (much like VPS cloud servers).   If you have a WordPress site, your best bet is to stay on OUR (not others…others are different) Managed WordPress Hosting (or a VPS) until you grow your traffic.  If you reach 5,000 visitors a day, you will have no problem affording a dedicated server or a high end cloud server.  We can transfer your site to the appropriate hosting plan if you get too popular!  Thousands of viewers every day is a lot of traffic for any website and you will be making lots of money if you have monetized you site!  We will only provide you with a service that we trust, such as the site that WE created for you and the hosting that WE use or are familiar with!

Developer Scams!

Web developers and designers are everywhere.  You can usually independently contract them through craigslist or a Web company.  They don’t need a license or need schooling to help you.  If you are looking for a web developer in your area and actually want to sit down and talk with them about your site, then craigslist is not your answer.  If you put an ad on craigslist or simply inquire about the ads on craigslist, you will be flooded with emails from people that live no where near you.  They try to sell you their service from other Countries, States, and Planets.  Some are reputable but how can you tell?  You can’t!  They are all just trying to land a contract and sell you stuff that you probably don’t need.  If you have specific problems or requests, then write them out and wait for a detailed response from someone.  Make sure you are able to meet your developer.  If you want to take a chance on someone from 5,000 miles away, then make sure they work for a company or can earn your trust on a phone call.  Always have a back up site for them!  NEVER let them work on your live site.

Half of the website companies out there, outsource their work to other States and Country’s to save money.  I personally have never called a company that directly works on your site in-house.  Even the adds on craigslist are sales people and companies that in turn, pass you along to someone else.  You pay a much higher rate, as you are paying the petty salesman half the cost for putting you in touch with someone who doesn’t even speak English.  They try to close you and up-sell you.  They try to suggest other ways of doing things.  They basically take control and will steal your money if you let them (some of them).  While they may help you and may fix your problems, you will have a headache and an empty bank account when it’s over.  Never pay someone by the hour.  Pay by the job!  Checking someones resume or portfolio can also be a waste of time.  MEET your Developer or go through a very well established company that does their work IN HOUSE!  We may provide a service to help with Web issues in the future so check with us first!  We wont sell you a god damn thing.  We will only TELL you!

Lastly, and probably the most important thing to know about, are people and ads that tell you they can make you a completed, AWESOME, website for 300 dollars!!!  Unless you have already spent 5 hours with a developer and relayed everything about your business and life to him/her, then it is impossible to set up a GOOD website for 300 dollars!  For $300, your site WILL be missing essential features such as SEO, a proper layout, Pics, Videos, and Pages.  It is 100 percent impossible to survive as a web developer if you are only selling sites for $300.  Websites take forever to set up and code, and they are especially difficult to design based on how your customer wants it (VERY, VERY TIME CONSUMING).  You, the customer, will end up doing 80 percent of the site yourself and the roles will be reversed.  Your time will be gone and your budget will quickly exceed over 1,000 dollars.  This is one of the main reasons I started for people.  I don’t like seeing people getting screwed over and frustrated, and I don’t like the people that cause this mess.  Sometimes developers are good people and they don’t intend to send you a huge bill, but the fact is, many of them are ignorant (as you can see by the ads), or they just don’t care.  They are run by MONEY!  Find someone who is NOT run by MONEY and you will be very pleased.  Another main reason why I started this web service for people is because, the RIGHT way to run your business and your life, is for YOU to run it!  The right way is for YOU to be in CONTROL of everything (not WIX or developers)!  You don’t need to rely on anyone or hire a web developer!  We already did that for you.  I am here to empower YOU and give you the tools to succeed so you never ever have to deal with the greed and sadness on this earth.  If you need a website, then do it yourself, OWN IT, LOVE IT, TAKE PRIDE IN IT, and buy our service.  We have no sales in us.  We have truth and that’s it!  If you want to buy from us because you believe in our policy, then we would love to have you on board!  We want you to learn!  Even though we give you templates to start with, we want you to change them and feel the power yourself!  WE made tutorial videos for EVERYTHING!  Any part of a good life, exemplifies these principles, and we hope that you start the good life process with us!

Thanks for reading!