THE SEO Tutorial video is a fast paced, informative video, that includes and covers all aspects of SEO for WordPress websites.  It is tailored for people who have, or want WordPress and X Theme (but can apply to all WP websites).  Some of this step by step tutorial walks you through a process of setting up necessary free accounts with Google and other helpful SEO websites.  It is very important to start with step 1, step 2, etc.  We made it extremely easy to setup and complete your search engine optimization to it’s entirety! You do not need to pay 300 dollars a month to an SEO company! These companies do not have magic SEO powers to get you on Google! They apply the same process and follow the same EXACT steps that are in our SEO tutorial video. In fact, most companies will leave out many of the essential ranking factors such as, image descriptions, h1 headers, 301 redirects, breadcrumbs, and more. We TELL you how to do absolutely everything!  It is EASY!  You can do search engine optimization yourself and have full control of your website in less than ONE DAY, or you can choose to get stuck with a HUGE monthly SEO bill and have no control of your destiny.  

If you do not have a WordPress site, please see our HOME PAGE and look into our HUGE WEBSITE INSTALL.  If you are serious about your business (and having full control of it), you will want to use WordPress!  See our video above for complete SEO details!

About SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is what get’s your website in front of people searching on Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.  Google will actually crawl (view) your site with what they call “GoogleBot”.  A  “Spider” is another name that is used interchangeably with GoogleBot (hence our SEO logo is a spider named “WebSEE”).  Google will use this spider (algorithm) to judge how well your site is optimized for the world to see.  Their algorithm is based on their criteria but it uses common sense and intel from the world we live in.  The spider will look for well written content and websites that utilize common optimization practices.  There are over 100 KNOWN ranking factors in Google’s algorithm that regular people “like you” can add, adjust, fix, customize, and apply to your website and personal/business campaign.  How you create your website and what you apply to it, will significantly determine how Google reads and judges your site.  You want to be sure that you have a well thought out, solid plan, before you begin creating any website at all!

Our SEO tutorial video is an easy to understand, step by step instructional process, that will save you from high cost monthly SEO bills.  You can apply this intel to any WP site, and even other sites that aren’t built on WordPress. This video was created because I found out that SEO companies charge you $500 up front and $300 a month for basic SEO. You do not need these companies! You can literally do EVERYTHING yourself.  It is VERY easy!  For 15 dollars, you will receive everything from tips, tricks, essentials, necessities, best practices, and DO’s and Don’ts.  The intel provided can be found in books, youtube videos, forums, courses, google help, and more!  We have saved you the hassle of searching for answers, and condensed everything into one easy HD video.  If you want to continue to pay $1.50 every 3 months, then you will be able to access new SEO information and videos as they come out. You do not need to pay hundreds of dollars to get on Google, and you certainly don’t need to pay 300 dollars a month!  The same exact principles that SEO companies adopt, are the same ones in our video.  If you have any type of WordPress website, the information in our tutorial video will be enough for you to become a pro. We include all of the best SEO help websites, links, tools, and updates so you do not need to search for anything!  You will get instant access to our members page where you can find everything laid out nicely for you (including THE SEO Tutorial video).

Thanks to the play/pause button, you will be able to set up your SEO foundation in about 4 hours or less.  You simply watch step 1 of the video, hit the pause button, and then implement step 1 into your site.  There are many steps that are in an order in which you should follow.  THE SEO Tutorial video is NOT long and boring. Everything is professionally edited, quick, easy to understand, and right to the truth! For 4 hours of work and 15 dollars, you can save yourself thousands of dollars.

THE SEO Tutorial

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Fun Facts

  • Is WordPress SEO friendly?

    WordPress is already designed to be SEO friendly. It comes with many features that are set up in the “back end” of the code that help improve your rankings! In addition, WP makes it very easy to implement even more ranking factors on the “front end” with Themes and free Plugins.

  • Can I leave my SEO company?

    You CAN still rank on Google if you leave your SEO company! You need to be careful before cancelling though. You may have signed a contract that allows them to basically delete their work. Use common sense and change your passwords to ALL of your accounts first. They may have accounts set up for you that you don’t even know about (like google webmaster tools). Don’t give them hints that you may cancel, as they can sabotage your site and make it harder to recover from a loss in rankings. Don’t let them boss you around or scare you though. SEO is very very simple to understand! You can buy our tutorial video before cancelling, so you can get an idea of what to expect.

  • Is Easy HD Websites the answer?

    Most likely, YES! Anyone who is not trying to start another or, will find our company to be the best answer for all WordPress website related fundamentals. We TELL You, We Don’t SELL You! When you buy our HUGE Website, you will also receive THE SEO Tutorial, X Theme Templates, and other services. Please visit our HOMEPAGE for more details.

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