Here, you will find immediate news and updates regarding your entire website.  Never update your Theme, WP, or Plugins without checking here first.  Having a staging site setup is a must (a backup copy of your site)!  Never trust or rely on a hosting company that offers backups and restores.  Those backups can, and will fail on you!  They are nice to have as a last option if all else fails though.  Please use SFTP and manually copy your site to your computer immediately!  Click HERE for a video tutorial. 

We test and update the newest versions of WordPress, X Theme, and Plugins every month.  It is best to wait for our confirmation release before you update.  You will see an update message in the box to the right when your site is safe to update.  Typically, we will test the newest updates for 10 to 30 days before labeling them “SAFE”.

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WordPress Version 4.4.1    Safe

X Theme Version 4.3.2     Safe

Plugins before 06/22/16    Safe

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