The Do It Yourself Option “Developer Site”, is the same exact website as our “One HUGE Website” install.  The only difference is, we don’t set up the site for you at all.  We just simply upload the type of website that you choose, to a temporary domain name on a Cloud Server and give you the passwords. Although we do have walk through tutorials on the best ways to set the site up, WE DO NOT GET THE WEBSITE WORKING FOR YOU AT ALL!  This option is cheaper, because all of time consuming web issues that can occur, become your issues and not ours.  It is designed for customers and developers to easily get a copy of our Huge Site via SFTP (secure file transfer protocol).  This option is great if you want to DIY “Do IT Yourself” or if you have a designer/developer to help you.  It will save you lots of money and time, as you will not have to do much styling or start from scratch.  When you buy a WordPress Theme, it does not come set up for you already.  The DIY website still comes premade with plugins, templates, and customizations.  The content itself, is the same exact content that comes with the One HUGE Website install.

If you know what you’re doing and have set up WordPress websites before, then this could be a viable option for you, and you will save $185.  You will still receive a valid copy of X Theme and have access to their support forum and member area, but you will not get any of the setup process perks that the 375 dollar option gets you!  See the full pricing chart below for details about what you DO and DO NOT receive.

Do not buy this unless you have years of experience dealing with hosting/domain setup and the problems that come with it!  We will not dig you out of a hole, as the setup responsibility becomes yours!  We guarantee access to the website files and that’s it! Our walk through videos are enough to get the setup process complete, but we can’t guarantee that you will succeed if you are new to this space!

DIY Developer Website

$ 1 7 5

  • Installed files to Cloud Server
  • X Theme ($64 value)
  • Rev Slider + Templates ($19 value)
  • EasyHdWebsites Templates
  • THE SEO Tutorial Video ($15 value)
  • Essential Grid Plugin ($26 value)
  • The Grid Plugin ($25 value)
  • Uber Menu Plugin ($19 value)
  • SuperFly Menu Plugin ($22 value)
  • ACF Pro Plugin ($25 value)
  • Global/Page CSS code
  • EasyHdWebsites Video Tutorials
  • EasyHdWebsites FULL Member access
  • X Theme Video Tutorials
  • Hosting chat support upon sign up
  • X Theme forum support
  • Updates/New code/Improvements
  • WordPress + WP Tutorials
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DIY…Control Your Business

Spending the extra time to learn about your website and how it works will positively affect your marketing strategy and business campaign.  If you are a small business, you do not want an entirely different company to run these operations for you.  At Easy HD, we made it so the learning curve is not as overwhelming as it should be.  We encourage people to OWN their work and be self reliant.  We empower you to be your own boss!  

You can indeed upload and build a website yourself!  You certainly can write your own SEO and rank on Google.  You can set up SSL certificates and security measures all by yourself.  We cut out the nonsense and trivial BS, so you can quickly utilize and learn what ACTUALLY MATTERS!  Both of our HUGE Website install options allow you to take control of your destiny, but the DIY option will make you a pro. That being said, spending the extra money for our HUGE Website install, will be less stressful and save you lots of time. As long as you take control of the necessities (like building the site and learning WordPress) you will put yourself in a position to succeed without the help or need of others. Also see our SEO Tutorial if you really want to run your campaign. We TELL You, We Don’t SELL You! With us, it’s all about relaying the information and steps that matter, and NOT bogging you down with TRIVIAL (DON’T MATTER) nonsense!

Fun Facts

  • Understanding Your Business

    Taking on a website build yourself and understanding your campaign, can dramatically increase your chances of succeeding and staying in business!

  • Learning Fast

    Although learning anything new can cause some serious anxiety at first, there is a simple way to push through it all. Your brain will not actually remember much of anything the first time you walk through a new subject. On your first attempt, It’s better to focus less on remembering, and more on playing around with, and testing multiple sub-subjects. Look at it as a three step process. First, overload your brain with all of the categories at hand. Watch videos and read articles, but don’t actually try to remember what every little detail means. Second (on a different day), do the same thing over again. This time, try to remember the topics and the general idea of them. Third (on a different day), write down all of the topics/categories that you need to know, and simply list a few main bullets that describe what’s important about that particular topic. Go back and forth between your computer (to learn) and the paper (to write and remember). Use your judgement and discard anything that is trivial!!! Don’t let the things that DON’T MATTER trick you or bother you. FIND THE MAIN INFO AND MOVE ON! You will actually learn and become a pro FAST if you follow this routine.

  • Learning with Easy HD Websites tutorials

    Our tutorial videos make it so LEARNING FAST (like mentioned above) is fun and stress free. We understand the learning process and how overwhelming it can be. That’s why we created this platform and the tutorial videos to go with it. On our quest to simplify the web world, we encountered years of trivial nonsense and sales. When you learn with us, you learn what MATTERS and you get direct answers. We have eliminated anything and everything that will slow you down and cause you to have a stress crash. There are no sales pitches in your way that try to get you to buy/learn useless material and intel!!!