This is where you will purchase and submit your information about your new website.  Once you have completely filled out the form, click send!  Make sure the form shows you a “successfully sent” message on the screen after you have clicked send.  Once the form and payment have been received on our end, you will either receive an email or a phone call within 24 hours confirming your purchase.  Below, we have listed the best web options to choose from and TELL you what you will need, and what you will not need, BUT if you have questions regarding Domain Names, SSL Certificates,  or SiteLock Security, then you may call Easy Hd Hosting support (GoDaddy).   24/7 Support (480) 624-2500.    Do not buy anything from the referenced phone numbers or websites on this page (except domain names)!  We buy everything for you with your credit card!

If you are looking for hosting that is not on a cloud server, or if you need a custom website, then click the appropriate button below.  You will be directed to fill out a different form.

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Type in the Domain Name that you would like us to install to your site, or type in your existing one.  Be sure to check if the New Domain is available here, We will then buy it for you and set it up!  If you are worried about someone else buying your Domain Name, then you can purchase it yourself at the link above, and we will give you $20 off your purchase price! If you already own the Domain Name, continue filling out the form the same way, and we will call you to get the appropriate information needed.

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From the drop down menu, choose the website style/type that you would like us to install to your domain name. You can browse our websites here, Website Styles/Types. You will receive our Template Pages with any site you purchase.

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Monthly Hosting Plan*

For 90 percent of our customers, we recommend starting on a cloud server ($15 a Month). Your site will be uploaded to a Digital Ocean or Vultr cloud server! You will receive a sophisticated control panel from Cloudways, where you can manage your cloud server and account information. We don't list the more expensive cloud hosting plans here because you can easily manage your resources and increase them from your Cloudways account with a touch of a button. It is best to start on the 15 dollar plan, and scale up if need be. You must log in to Cloudways immediately after your site is uploaded, and add prepaid funds to pay for your hosting. You can save money by paying more upfront, or you can simply add 15 dollars each month.


Server Location*

We set you up on servers that work Globally, but if you are a local business and only have traffic around your area, then it's best to be on a Hosting Server closer to you. Please specify your location or where the majority of your traffic will come from. "DO" stands for Digital Ocean server. "V" stands for Vultr server. In most cases, it will not matter which company you choose. They offer the same service and speed.

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Secure Sockets Layer SSL (per year)*

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is the standard security technology for establishing an encrypted link between a web server and a browser. This encryption ensures that all data passed between the web browser and server remain private and integral. SSLs are necessary for any business trying to collect credit card payments through their website. If you are on a secure site, you will see a LOCK icon in the URL bar showing that the page is secure (as you will see on this page). You can choose an SSL for $30 per year or $100 per year. You can review the SSL options here EasyHdHosting/SSL. The $100 option offers better liability insurance if something were to go wrong. The setup process comes free with our service, but you must pay the yearly SSL costs separately!

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SiteLock (per year)*

SiteLock is like virus protection for your website. The software runs daily malware scans of your site and makes sure there is no malicious code embedded in your files. It offers automatic malware removal and other security features and scans. Please check out EasyHdHosting/SiteLock for more info. We recommend the 46 dollar option if you have an Ecommerce store, Membership site, or any site that involves accepting or storing sensitive information. You do not need this if you have a blog or personal site. The setup process comes free with our service, but you must pay the yearly SiteLock costs separately!

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You must leave a valid phone number because we may need to call you about your setup. Usually we can setup your site without any contact at all, but we always want to make sure we have a back up plan for you if something is off or missing in the form. We will never call you with sales, promotions, or give your number away. We will only call you to help you with your site! Please leave a cell phone or best immediate contact number.

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This service costs 375.00 US DOLLARS. On average, depending on what you choose above, we set up 4 different accounts for you. Therefore, you will see 4 separate charges on the credit card you leave below. You will see a charge for a Domain Name, Cloud Hosting, X Theme, and Easy Hd Websites. We will not exceed $375 on your account unless you choose an SSL, SiteLock, or request more products! When the setup is complete, we will supply you with all 4 account passwords. This is the best possible way to manage your website infrastructure! Managing under one roof, with the best possible web setup, does NOT exist today!

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Here, you can leave specifics about any other purchases you would like us to make for you. Maybe you would like two Domain Names, or another product from Easy Hd Hosting? Just let us know what you want and we will call you to confirm.


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