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# 1 Service

One Huge Website


 We install One HUGE Website for you!
 You add your pics and customize your new site!
– You avoid the setup hassle and headaches!

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One Huge Website

Do it Yourself!


 Same site as HUGE Website above!
 Step by step tutorial to get you set up!
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$25 now + $1.50 every 3 months

(you can cancel $1.50 before 90 days)

 Covers 100 major ranking factors!
 Step by step fast paced video!
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Single Templates

Cornerstone Files

$50 for ALL .CSL files

 Save time with our pre-made templates!
Build your pages in minutes instead of days!
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Custom Website

We build everything!

$1,000 – $100,000

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  • Types of sites we do

    Ecommerce, Music, Photography, Video, Forums, Ebooks, Business, Blog, Social, Polls, Hotel, Memberships and Real Estate.

  • We save you thousands!

    Because we have built our HUGE website, our page building process, SEO set up, and overall site set up is more automated. It saves us countless hours of tedious work, and in turn, saves you money!

SEO Setup + Marketing for WP

One Time Setup Fee

$1,000 – 10,000

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  • No Monthly Fee!

    Implementing SEO is time consuming, but it’s EASY! Don’t get fooled and tricked into paying $300 a month for your SEO to be managed!

  • SEO Service

    We apply over 100 ranking factors to your site (as seen in our SEO Tutorial). There are no secrets. You can either buy THE SEO Tutorial and save money, or you can pay us to optimize your site!

Hire a Developer

In House Work

$50 an Hour

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  • Need a quick fix?

    This service is here to help people who don’t want to deal with craigslist developers and sales! We work on WordPress sites only. Simply tell us what you need!

  • No Subcontracting

    There’s no need to worry about dealing with 5 different developers in 3 different countries. You are assigned one IN-HOUSE engineer, in which you will have direct access to at any time!